What if I told  you that one of our authors was almost molested twice by a family member between the ages of 11-12 years old?

What if I told you one of us grew up hating men for several years because of the things that no young lady should experience at such a young age?

What if I told  you that some of us struggled with depression, anxiety, lustful pleasures (pornography) for several years in secret?

Would you believe me? No, seriously. Would you?  Maybe you have experienced a similar yet still traumatic past and you are ready to let go and be healed?

Our first book under our newest Born 2 Be Different series was written for young women like YOU!



 Born 2 Be Different is a book of reflection and a book of encouragement and hope. And you don’t have to be anything but who you at this moment right where you are to catch the message and purpose needed to move forth in your own journey. Open your heart and open the pages and enjoy.—-Sharisa T. Robertson


7 women OVER 30. (Paving the Way)

7 women UNDER 30. (Setting the Record Straight)

What do each of these 14 women have in common?

They each have a powerful story of how they OVERCAME the odds of the WORLD to make a KINGDOM impact.

Each woman has a different yet powerful testimony that will allow young women to understand that they are NOT alone.

We have all been through disappointments, struggles, pain,hurt and so many setback in life.

However, it is these very setbacks and “tests” that help us grow and accept that we were called to stand out, be different and make a difference in God’s Kingdom.

As young women, we often have low self-esteem, low self-worth and have accepted the LIE that we will NEVER overcome our failures, our past and our pain. This is NOT TRUE! You are beautiful, You are different and you were born 2 be different!

Born 2 Be Different is a 4 part book series that targets young women and men under the ages of 30 years old. Our first book is set to launch in February 2015 and is dedicated to every young girl across the nation.


Absolutely Inspiring and Relevant!!!!!

As an advocate women and girls overcoming life altering circumstances, Born 2 Be Different is an inspirational compilation of several women turning their tragedies into triumphs. Each of the stories portrayed in this book is a representation of several hurting women or young girls that battle daily with hurt, pain, disappointments, struggle, low self-esteem and this list goes on. The contributors in this book each have a distinctive story on how they were born to be different despite of their circumstances. They each found the strength to overcome through God by using their pain for purpose and sharing their stories. I love how Ms. Gay was able to capture the essence of each women’s uniqueness that has marked them to be set apart and influential within their own way. Fantastic book, it truly encourages all people to be okay with who they are, in spite of, what they’ve gone through or who has damaged their ability to see themselves for who they really are. Lakita Thompson