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7 Men OVER 30. (Setting the Godly Standard for Young Men)

7 Men UNDER 30. (Courageously Rising Up)

What do each of these 14 men have in common?

They each have a powerful story of how they OVERCAME the odds of the WORLD to make a KINGDOM impact.

Each man has a different, yet powerful testimony that will allow young men to understand that they are NOT alone.

As young men, we have all been through strong addictions, anger issues, depression, struggles and have been let down many times.

However, it is these very setbacks and “tests”  by God that help us grow and accept that we were called to stand out, be different and make a difference in God’s Kingdom.

As young men, we often hold in our frustrations instead of releasing all of our worries and handing them over to God.

It’s time to set the standards and become the courageous men we were called to be, fellas!          

Born 2 Be Different is loaded with the type of wisdom that only a man can deliver from his experiences navigating the world as a man. This book is the perfect book for every man to gain affirmation and confirmation from, and for every woman to gain information and revelation from.

David A. Burrus

Born 2 Be Different is an awesome collection of testimonies from men from all walks of life. I’m inspired by the courage of these men to be bold and transparent enough to share their stories in such a public forum. It’s empowering to know that we are not defined by our circumstances and with God’s grace can overcome anything.


Allen Massey

Born 2 Be Different provides an environment for men of God to be transparent by sharing their struggles and the obstacles they have overcome and are overcoming through Christ.

Timothy Driggers

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