NewHello Everyone!  My name is LaToya Gay and I am a 31 year old wife of almost 7 years to my best friend and biggest supporter Joseph and mother of 4 beautiful children. I grew up in Caroline County, VA and now reside in Henrico, VA. Being the oldest of one and having went through many heart aches and setbacks in life, I have gained confidence within myself and now on a journey of releasing all of the pain from my past in order to help other young ladies heal and learn how to let go and let God.


I am the founder of VirtuallyNSync, LLC which was a business that helped women find legit work from home and published my first book “Who Says You Can’t Work From Home?” in February 2012. During this time of my business I realized that God has so much in store for me and my family. A passion was ignited and I was desiring to do more within God’s Kingdom. As of February, and through much prayer, I decided to shut down that part of my business to chase and accept my gift of ministry and mentoring young ladies under 30 who guidance and help understanding their worth.


I am very passionate about helping young women push through their doubts and chase after their dreams by accepting the purpose for their life and realizing that they were created to stand out from the crowd and live life differently. I have been featured in an interview with Tamyka Washington of Marketing her Way, Nominated for “Woman of the Year” with WERock Awards, Nominated for “Leading mom in business” with StartUpNation and featured in an interview with Leslie Truex of Work at Home Success.


I am on fire for Christ and as a licensed and ordained minister, have made it my personal mission to help young women Be, Live and Do Life Differently while making a Kingdom Impact.   In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, singing and whatever the future holds for us.